Title: Like a Dream You Appeared
Author: Diego Galdino
Data: 2014, 288 p., hardcover
Publisher: Sperling & Kupfer


Lucia lives in Siculiana, a charming, seaside village in Sicily that is home to a natural marvel. Once a year, thousands of sea turtles arrive to lay their eggs on its sandy beaches, and the islanders gather to help. Lucia, however, wants to become a journalist and is not interested simple, provincial life. She leaves Siculiana to complete a journalism internship in fast-paced, metropolitan Rome, where she meets Clark, a charming American working for the cultural section of the paper. Between discussions of literature, and moonlit strolls to the Villa Borghese and the Trevi Fountain, the two fall in love. Lucia decides to stay in Rome with Clark, but she must return to Siculiana to break up with her boyfriend. During her trip home, she is the victim of a near-fatal car accident that causes her to lose her memory, meaning the time spent with Clark. When Clark hears of her accident, he decides to join her in Siculiana. But instead of revealing who is he, he keeps his identity a secret to make her fall in love with him a second time. If he succeeds, he will take Luciana back to Rome and propose to her; if he fails, it was never meant to be. Unfortunately, her Sicilian boyfriend is just as adamant as he is to win her back. 




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