Title: Teo
Author: Lorenza Gentile
Data: 2014, 120 p., hardcover
Publisher: Einaudi



“My name is Teo. I am eight years old and I want to meet Napoleon. I have a very important battle to win, and he is the only one who can help me. But Napoleon is dead, so in order to meet him, I’ll have to die too".
The only thing that eight-year-old Teo wants is a happy family. His parents fight constantly, and every argument ends in slammed doors and tears. When Teo’s father gives him a book about Napoleon for his birthday, he becomes convinced that this great strategist, the winner of all wars, holds the key to his happiness. But Napoleon is dead, and Teo decides that in order to speak to him, he will have to die too. But where and how? Teo begins to bombard the adults in his life with questions that will help him identify his next strategic move. He must fully understand how life and death work, why God is silent, how to fly to Heaven, and how hot it is in Hell. Convinced that Napoleon holds all the answers that he so desperately wants, Teo is ready to meet him on the other side, or at least halfway. Luckily, Teo will discover that answers can come in unexpected ways. This is a charming and philosophical story about a child trying to answer life’s biggest questions.




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