Title: Luisito: A Love Story
Author: Susanna Tamaro
Data: 2013, ebook
Publisher: VandA.ePublishing


Life is a fairy tale, and it deserves a happy ending. Anselma is a retired teacher and lonely widow whose self-esteem has taken a hit from her late husband and estranged children. Her life changes drastically one sultry, summer evening when she finds an abandoned parrot in a dumpster, and impulsively decides to take him home. Anselma’s friendship with her new parrot, Luisito, causes the ice around her heart to melt and long-buried memories to resurface: a lost adolescent friend, the disillusionment of marriage, her love of teaching, and the heartbreaking, abrupt ending of her teaching career. Thanks to Luisito, Anselma rediscovers her will to live. But her joy is short-lived when a malicious neighbor tries to sabotage her newfound happiness.