Title: The Battle of Stalingrad
Author: Alfio Caruso
Data:  2012, 155 p., hardcover
Publisher: Longanesi



Stalingrad (present-day Volgograd) was the site of World War II’s longest and bloodiest battle, a conflict that continued from the summer of 1942 until the winter of 1943. The city was transformed into a decimated pile of rubble, where cold, hunger, thirst, and disease killed more soldiers than the fighting. After five months of bloodshed, the previously unstoppable German Army surrendered, ignoring the Fuhrer’s orders to resist at all costs. More than one and a half million soldiers were killed or wounded, and of the 77 Italians who participated in the siege, only two survived. After the massacre, only 6,000 of the 120,000 remaining German soldiers returned home, some after 13 years of detention in Russian prison camps. The Battle of Stalingrad was a turning point in World War II that marked the Third Reich’s violent downfall.