Title: The Room Upstairs
Author: Rosella Postorino
Data: 2018, 203 pag.
Publisher: Feltrinelli


15-year-old Ester lives in a small, seaside town with her anxious and distracted mother, a school teacher, and her father, paralyzed as the result of an accident at work; he has been lying immobile in his bedroom upstairs for the past ten years. Ester spends her afternoons and evenings smoking and drinking alone. At school, she has only one friend, whose strict parents do not allow her to go out. Ester visits her house frequently, and is increasingly drawn to her authoritative father, who makes her feel protected and reminds her of her own father before his accident. At a party, Ester meets an older man. Torn between pleasure and disgust, she allows him to explore her body, a body with which she herself is not yet familiar. An oedipal story about this young woman’s complicated relationship and sexual desires.