Title: Jump, Bart!
Author: Susanna Tamaro
Data: 2014, 240 p., paperback
Publisher: Giunti Junior



An exciting and entertaining novel that is an exhortation for the boys and a warning for adults.

Bart is a very intelligent 10 year old who lives in a not too distant future where life is marked by technology and each stage of the day is controlled and governed by machines. Bart is always by himself since his parents are far away on business. He sees them only through a monitor, and the only comfort that will give him a little warmth is his teddy bear Kapok.When this comfort, judged by his mother as an unwanted distraction, is taken away, Bart's days all seem the same. The boy is forced into days full  of commitments, courses, and exercises. The path to escaping this disappointing monotony seems impossible, until one day he meets a hen named Zoe and his life is radically changed.
For Bart, convinced that he is alone, timid, and weak, this meeting begins an adventure that will reveal the great qualities and value of beauty on the inside, friendship, and love for others. He also realizes the love one must have for the planet against the people who seem to want to destroy it.
Bart and Zoe are a formidable pair. They are able to probe the finer feelings and at the same time are able to make some parts of the novel hilarious thanks to the ingenuity of the child and intelligent humor of the chick.
This novel is a training trip through fantastic worlds that can give readers a reflection on the distortions in the practice with technology and consumerism. It shows the impression this can have on a society that is obsessed with wealth and who leaves behind the most important values and respect for the planet that hosts it.



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