Title: You and Nobody Else
Author: Claudia Zanella
Data: 2015
Publisher: Rizzoli



You and Nobody Else is a debut novel about sisterly love, about the complicated nature of maternity, and about secrets too. After all, how well do we really know anyone...especially those we love? Irene and Viola grew up together, closer than sisters, inseparable despite their differences. They shared their dreams, their hopes, and their darkest secrets with each other. Now grown up, Irene owns a bookstore in Florence where she lives with a man who doesn't want children, and probably doesn't want her either but neither has the courage to end the relationship. Viola is an actress whose heyday has come and gone, a career interrupted by an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. So when Viola's lifeless body is found soaking in a bathtub filled with flowers, Irene is devastated. Her search for Mia's father leads her into a cove of secrets about her cousin's past. How could she not have known? Ultimately, she must answer the question no one has the courage to ask: Who will take care of the child? "I looked at Mia, her eyes wide open and enthusiastic. The meaning of life was there, in all its splendor."