Title: Love In Your Eyes
Author: Diego Galdino
Data: 2015, 248 p.
Publisher: Sperling & Kupfer



Little if nothing is known of the brilliant artist Tyron Lane, born in Sydney, Australia on March 5 except that he is incredibly talented. At the pinnacle of his fame he lost his wife and child in a tragic car accident some years ago, and has since become an itinerant painter painting  on commission only and with a waiting list. Now, his paintings are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and can be found in all the galleries of the most important American cities. They call him The Homeless Painter and all his paintings feature one unmistakable feature: the back of a woman’s head as she observes the landscape of his portrait. Now his gallery owner is asking him to paint ten canvases depicting the Sienese countryside in a small town called Cetona where many years ago, she fell madly in love. Reluctantly, he accepts the job and is given an apartment to stay in during his time there, and a host family to take care of his needs. Sophie, a young school teacher whose relationship is in crisis, has been given the job of driving him around the Tuscan hills. In this small town, where gossip soon runs wild Tyron soon begins to question his Vagabond life, and Sophie manages to show him that he can love again.