Title: The Lie Hunter
Author: Alessandra Monasta
Data: 2015, 280 p., hardcover
Editore: Longanesi



Alessandra has always had a way with people; she can read them like a book. Through their speech, their gestures, their tone of voice, she is understands what they are really trying to say…and when they are lying.
Her talent for critical listening makes her a perfect government recruit for what is now known as a Forensic Expert in voice identification, which means that her ears are trained to understand all that is not said.
Her case histories include the “monster of Florence”, and high profile mafia massacres. Her days are spent listening to stories of corruption, murder, betrayal and bribery, but also incredible humanity, desperation and compassion. She spends months, sometimes years eves dropping on total strangers. Ultimately, her job is to testimony in court as an “earwitness”. She must provide the jury with an intimate psychological profile of the accused, and to help reconstruct what might have happened. Her added insight allows us to see that the boundaries between guilt and innocence are often blurred by human error or financial desperation, even by love.
Alexandra’s mastery allows her to quickly climbs to the top of the growing field of telephone interception. But not without consequences to her personal life. Hours of listening in on a person’s life is almost like living with them and the boundaries of  her life often blur with those she is listening too. And after all, how can you date a woman who knows you’re lying?
Based in Florence, this first person episodic story follows not just the cases, but the personal journey of a professional listener.