Title: The Sound of Things Beginning
Author: Evita Greco
Data: 2016, 328p.
Publisher: Rizzoli


An orchestra tuning the winds, the wind before the storm, the tinkling of cups filled with coffee in the morning: these are the noises showing that something special is starting, Ada knows. It was Grandma Teresa who taught her to recognize this. But now Grandma Teresa is sick and this new beginning is scary. Ada finds strength, however, when she meets two unexpected friends in the hospital: Giulia, a nurse, and Matthew, a boy who gives her daisies and surprises her with an unexpected passion. Ada, however, does not imagine that these ties can hide both her love and deep suffering. The she finds courage to go through things she did not think she would have to deal with. Maybe you really have to learn to listen and let certain things end so others can begin.

Already a publishing sensation, the novel was fought over by all the major Italian publishers and has been sold in France, Germany, Portugal and Brazil.




Foreign Rights Sold

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