Title: Equation of Love
Author: Simona Sparaco
Data: 2016
Publisher: Giunti



A tormented love affair leads two wounded hearts on a thirty year roller coaster that comes full circle. A heart-wrenching novel about the unfailing power of love by one of Italy's most talented writers. Simona Sparaco cuts to the essence of human relationships like few others. Set in eternal Rome, with its crumbling alleyways and romantic ruins, Lea and Diego are meant to be together. After all, quantum physics dictates that if two particles interact for a certain length of time and then become separated they are nonetheless no longer two distinct entities: they have become a single, unified system.
Therefore, what happens to one will continue to influence the other even if they are worlds apart. And so it was, when fourteen year old Lea and her Math tutor meet for the first time and then a few years later, catalyzing a roller coaster relationship that will last for two decades. Now, Lea is married to a successful lawyer, living a charmed life in Singapore. Reason tells her that she could not have chosen a more trustworthy companion than Vittorio. So why is she still pining a love affair that has long ended?
When Lea is called back to Rome to edit her first novel she is reluctant. But when she discovers that Diego, the mathematical genius who showed her the meaning of passion, is also her editor, she is secretly delighted. And it doesn’t take long before he once again sweeps her off her feet more swiftly and unsuspectingly than ever. After all, she never really got over her first love. Who does? Diego and Lea: polar opposites. But just like two quantum particles they are bonded to one another for eternity, even though destiny has other plans for them.



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