Title: Waiting for Bob
Author: Mastrangelo Giovanni
Data: 2016
Publisher: La nave di Teseo



It’s early eighties in California where cults and new age movements are springing up like psychedelic mushrooms. Gordon, an ambitious and charismatic idealist with a soft spot for young boys, is attracting a bizarre group of outsiders to be part of his philosophy group: the cheerful Richard Fargo and his perpetually pissed off nemeses Frank Boyd; Antonio the Italian whose love for Bob Dylan knows no limit; Steven Hardware, the bartender who loves books, and Jean, the French nobleman and one of the founding fathers of Gordon’s community; Osvaldo the Mexican, Lilly a porn actress on the run who performs sexual acts with ping pong balls, and Susan, Gordon’s dear friend, who weighs more then all of them put together.
These oddballs will create the Viners Brotherhood, a sect taking form in Northern California, which will ultimately become a rather wealthy, non-profit religion. From this large plot of land where the students live, cultivate nature, and work, Gordon leads them through unusual paths of redemption and mysticism, preaching self-Remembering and Divided Attention. The System.
No one fully understands it, but one thing is sure: It allows Gordon to live a life of freedom and comfort that includes frequent trips to Europe. When Gordon announces the arrival of Bob Dylan, an excitement easily transformed into fury is unleashed within the community.Heroin, music, philosophy, Gourdjieff & Jung, rock & roll, meditation and free sex during momentous years; a book of great vision and hope that totters on damnation.