Title: Happiness Is a Simple Story
Author: Lorenza Gentile
Data: 2016
Publisher: Einaudi



Vito Baiocchi was nine months old when an earth-quake killed his parents and destroyed the town of Gibellina. Forty six years have passed. Vito now lives with his pet iguana in London, far from his granmother who raised him. Vito’s only living relative. Every Monday morning, he tries new ways to end his insufferable existence... until one day, his equally insufferable grandmother calls him with a request: to take her home, to Gibellina. Even if it means leaving his iguana at home.
On this adventurous road trip, from Milan to Gibellina passing through Florence, Assisi, Naples and Palermo. Grandmother and grandson will discover each other through a series of bewildering events.
They will realize that life is short and to be savored, that they love each other, and that happiness can be a simple matter.