Title: The Early Hour of the Morning
Author: Anna Martellato
Data: 2018, 336p.
Publisher: Giunti Editore


Zoe has just been appointed her dream job in an important advertising agency. She has sacrificed everything for her career. Now, when timing could not be worse, life has thrown her a curve ball: an unwanted pregnancy. The only person Zoe  can turn to for advice, her bedridden grandmother Anna whose days are numbered.    Zoe’s dilemma gives her widowed grandmother a perfect reason to share a family secret she has suppressed for far too long.

Born the daughters of an Italian high commander on the Greek island of Rhodes, with its hidden courtyards filled with hibiscus flowers, its paved Medieval alleys and Ottoman walls, Anna’s changed the day the Italian-occupied island suddenly became German. When the Racial Laws came into effect, Anna and her twin sister were young . But not too young to remember that the woman who raised her and her sister is not their true mother.

The deportation of the last Jews of Rhodes, is one of the least explored events in history.  At the end of her grandmother’s confession, Zoe will understand the complications of motherhood, and that there is no such thing as absolute truth.


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