Title: Life with Lloyd (My Days in the Company of an Imaginary Butler)
Author: Simone Tempia
Data: 2017, 200p.
Publisher: Rizzoli Lizard


The perfect friend: wise, unconditionally loyal, and full of good advice, are far and few between. That is why an imaginary butler is the perfect man to have around the house.
Lloyd is the perfect imaginary companion: discretely present, always ready to dispense comforting words of wisdom, for everyday dilem- mas. The elegant and respectful Sir and Loyd are lovingly anachro- nistic. With class and irony, they exchange thoughts on a variety of themes, like: love, aging, fear and the search for happiness.

Lloyd, I can’t find peace...
“That is because you are confusing it with happiness, Sir.” “Aren’t they the same thing?”
“Quite the contrary. Happiness lies in obtaining what you desire; peace in knowing how to renounce it.”
“I suppose everything flows, Lloyd.”
“Not everything, Sir, only that which is transparent.”
“You are very right, Loyd.”
“You’re welcome Sir.”

Lloyd, I have withdrawn into myself.
“Yes, I am afraid you have, Sir.”
“What do I do now? It’s awfully stifling trapped in my own company.”
“Do not worry, Sir. Just wait until the right person comes along.” “So the right person will let me out?”
“Quite the opposite, Sir. The right person won’t be afraid to venture in.”
“Thank you so much Lloyd.”
“At your service, Sir.”