Title: Rock and Resilience
Author: Paola Maugeri
Data: 2018, 187pp.
Publisher: Mondadori Electa



Resilience: the ability of a material to absorb energy when deformed and then later release it.
How rock is that?!

A term once-reserved to physics, Resilience has now become a pass partout for those concerned with emotional well-being. Just like a piece of metal that does not break under pressure or violence, we too are able to develop the capacity to withstand life’s violent blows and shocks, transforming that pain into positive energy.
The world of Rock, with its violent and innate message of change and transformation is the perfect soundtrack for a treaty on Resilience, providing precious lessons on withstanding the continuous landslides which life presents us. Who, better than rock musicians can teach the fallen to rise again, and again. They are modern heroes, icons not only to admire from afar, but to earn from, to emulate, and ultimately to interpret.

We all know that Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll is out of fashion. Today, the same drug-shooting musicians embark on paths of introspection and preach healthy living, often veganism. Health today is avant- garde, cutting edge, “Rock”.
Over the course of her career, Paola Maugeri has conducted thou- sands of interviews with many of the greatest musicians of all time Taking inspiration from these extraordinary icons, she inspires read- ers to learn from example, in tackling their own challenges.
Partial English translation available
We learn about Food awareness and spirituality from George Harrison and the Beatles, work ethic from Bruce Springsteen, rebirth from Anthony Kiedis and Duff McKagan, friendship and paternity from Bono, empathy from Moby etc.

We are all struggling to hold it together. Rock stars are not demigods but people who seek, in music, the strength to reach extraordinary achievements. And if they succeed, then we can too, calling upon a fundamental capacity for resilience that is essential to a life of passion and presence of mind... A life worth living.