Title: The Great Tree
Author: Susanna Tamaro
Data: 2012; 144 p., hardcover
Publisher: Giunti


A charming fable for children and adults about a 300-year-old tree that is miraculously saved by a squirrel. A tiny, energetic seed lands in a forest clearing, and sprouts into an enormous tree. Lovers lay beneath it, and squirrels and birds line up to make their homes in its branches. One day, the tree falls into a deep slumber. A group of men have chopped it down and taken it to St. Peter’s Square, where it will be decorated as the Vatican’s Christmas tree. When a squirrel wakes up in the tree and finds himself in Rome rather than the forest, he decides to take action. With the help of Rome’s pigeons, he finds the people in charge, and begs them to save the tree’s life. The Pope, the Dalai Lama, and the Head Rabbi come together in St. Peter’s to pray for a miracle. A witty and joyful ode to nature.







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