Title: As Long As They Pay
Author: Alessandro Golinelli
Data: 2015, ebook
Publisher: VandA.ePublishing



When   first published in 1992, the audacious novel caused an upheaval. This wasn't just because it told the truth about male prostitution in Italy, but rather because it narrated the brutal reality through the eyes of a young boy. It wasn't just factual, it was personal. Kurt, a brilliant and lucid boy, offers his body to the highest bidders on the streets of Milan. His encounters with clients and colleagues, Brazilian and arab “colleagues”,  his curiosity for art and his ruthless dissection of the prostitution market, is a metaphor for the ethics of commerce, the body and soul of the world economy, a world that is closer to our own they we wish to believe.
Set on a street frequented by men and boys, we meet all those in desperate search of love, which in truth can neither be bought nor sold. Golinelli’s novel obliterates the shield between us and “them”. It is a story about the loss of purity, and the saddening victory of ownership over existence.