Title: Jumping from High Places
Author: Chiara Parenti
Data: 2018
Publisher: Garzanti



25 year old Sole lives with a paralyzing fear that prevents her from living the life she dreams of. When her best friend dies, Sole is haunted by her last words: Do something that terrifies you, experience one magnificent, fearless moment every day; there you will find the strength to do others.  Do one a day, for 100 days.
So after her dear friend’s funeral, Sole decides that she must  honor her memory by doing a hundred things that she is most terrified of, one fear at a time: from jumping out of a roller coaster with a parachute; to crossing the forest  on starry night. Day after day, she discovers the pleasures of the unexpected and the joy of feeling alive. She discovers herself.   
By her side, there is Samanta, a struggling teenager on the cusp of adulthood who offers Sole an opportunity to pass on what she has just learned. Together, these two women find a way to move forward, in life and in love.
A novel that teaches us to look deep within, to move beyond fear, and to find joy in the unknown. A lesson in savoring every precious moment, each an infinite opportunity, because time is short. A story about friendship which can sometimes hurt, when it is sincere, about the courage and about life.