Title: The Man Who Conquered the World With a Hat
Author: Rossana Balduzzi Gastini
Data: 397p. 2018
Publisher: Sperling & Kupfer



Born in the province of the northern Italian city of Alessandria in 1834 to a humble family, Giuseppe Borsalino escaped a life of poverty by learning the craft of a hatter from a local artisan. Hungry, ambitious and curious, he ventured across the border to France, where he redefined his hat-making technique before returning home to open a principle-led business in which workers rights were at the forefront.  
Little did he know, Borsalino would revolutionize the hat forever, making his name synonymous with style and elegance.
Borsalino’s life story is that of a precursor, the first to export “Made in Italy” and support the syndicate.  Set against the dramatic fresco of nineteenth century Italy, struggling with unification and on the cusp of the modern era.  Above all, this novel is an intense and engaging journey that follows the illustrious and illuminating life of an extraordinary man who his dream with tenacity and passion.