Title: Through Your Gaze the World Is Illuminated
Author: Susanna Tamaro
Data: 2018, 204 pag.
Publisher: Solferino


“We are oak trees transformed into willows. Rather than conflict, we chose to hear. Rather than surrender we chose the lifeblood that ultimately leads to rebirth.”
Through an unlikely friendship between two restless souls, Susanna Tamaro and the recently-deceased poet Pierluigi Cappello, paralyzed from the waist down after a motorcycle accident on his sixteenth birthday, the author reflects on the emotional struggles of her recently diagnosed Asberger Syndrome. Their shared moments together are interwoven with her own difficult childhood and youth, and reflections on what Tamaro considers an evil of our time: the intolerance of human diversity.
This book explores the necessary metamorphosis that affects every living being in search of truth, a story of friendship, poetry and nature, touching upon themes that most concern us, including the meaning of life.
A hymn to life beyond adversity by the author of Follow Your Heart.




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