Title: A Ray of Light
Author Evita Greco
Data: 2018, 287 pag.
Publisher: Garzanti


Every morning, Filomena takes the regional train to the middle of nowhere. In the short time between one stop and another, she relives the memory that is dearest to her: a motorcycle trip with the love of her life. Carlo is on that train too, with her; but she never sees him, or if she does, she doesn’t acknowledge it. He is there to protect her. She has been this way for as long as Carlo can remember. Did she ever really love him? One thing is sure: Carlo’s love for his mother is a full time job, holding him back… until he meets Cara. She and her baby share a unique language made up of stories, of laughter and joy. Just watching them awakens in Carlo the desire to be part of that love, to receive even a small piece of it. Long-forgotten memories reemerge, a secret buried in his parents’ past. He can hear his soul crack, like a faulty diamond.
As his mother precipitates, Carlo must finally reckon with his childhood. Only his father, silent and strong, can tell him the truth about what really happened to his mother.
A novel about taking care of those you love, for better or for worse.