Title: Like a Father
Author: Marco Martani
Data: 2019, 320 pag.
Publisher: Dea Planeta

Chapter 1


Love only comes around once, and it can take a lifetime to forget. Orso knows that from experience.
There was a time when he thought he could leave his past behind and start all over; but that was before the organization he worked for, Red and his men for whom violence is a way of life, caught up with him. Their offer was one he could not refuse. Return to the fold and continue to kill ruthlessly or live with his wife and daughter in perpetual fear for their lives. There is one catch: he must never again contact them.
Forty years have gone by and Orso has made good on his promise. His loyalty has taken more lives than he cares to remember, and his eyes have seen more violence than the angel of death. Now, with a weakened heart, the sixty-year-old Orso has one last dying wish: to see them again.
Although he knows that it is unlikely that Red will ever let him go, Orso leaves for a brief trip south, along the Riviera to Italy, where he last left his family four decades ago. But as the train nears Genova, someone tries to kill him. It could be Red, but it could also be any of his many enemies looking for revenge.
One thing is sure: it won’t end without bloodshed.

Like a Father is a tense thriller about coming to terms with the choices we make over the course of a lifetime, and their subsequent consequences. A compelling story of violence and loyalties, dedication and love.