Title: Alpine Courage
Author: Alfio Caruso
Data:  2019, 336 p.
Publisher: Piemme


An Alpine once said, during the battle of Nikolaevka, “never before have we felt fear, and we shall not suffer it now. We have cried, fought, and survived famine. We are the Alpines, and our journey has just begun.”

There is a legendary story known amongst Italians of courage, heroism and fearlessness, but it is also a tale of sacrifice, suffering and pain. It is a story that is so incredible that it makes you wonder if it is even true, a story of those who have fought wars and marched endless roads to reach the light of day; the story of the Alpine troops.
Their spirits are legendary and their discipline unprecedented. For one hundred and fifty years the Alpines have protected their homeland, crossing rivers and mountains to fight warriors’ battles. They fought with honor in the colonial wars, shed blood on the Carso, and on the peaks of the Dolomite Mountains in the Great Wars. They fought gallantly within the borders of wintery Russia to save the Italian troops, and in the concentration camps to salvage their humanity. The Nazis may have stripped them of their clothing, but never of their dignity.
The Alpine troops have survived the test of time and remain to this day the strongest, most able and most adored task force in Italy. Today, Italians lives with the knowledge that both in times of peace and war, the Alpine troops and their long black feathers peak from their hats, are eternal, like guardian angels.