Title: Born to the Body
Author: Rosella Postorino
Data: 2013, 231 pages
Publisher: Einaudi


Milena was born and raised in a prison. Now 24 years old, she spends her time taking care of her aging mother, working with young children born in jail, and hanging out with Eugenio, her childhood friend who grew up in the same prison. Milena has a passion for helping other children like Marlon, born into the same challenging situation, who will soon be separated from his mother, a convict whose prison sentence is nowhere near finished. When a journalist writing an article on children in prison interviews Milena, her long-held beliefs begin to crumble. For the first time, she sees that there is a world beyond prison walls, and a life full of opportunities and romantic love, rather than the comfortable relationship that she has always known. A powerful story of desire and isolation told through the eyes of a young woman who is tormented by a sense of guilt and duty.