Title: Simply Love
Author: Alessandro Golinelli
Data: 2012, 215 p., paperback
Publisher: Frassinelli


A heart-wrenching story about the innocence of adolescence set against the backdrop of World War II. Daily life for Anna and her family in their little village is strangely calm and idyllic. One day, while walking home from school, she sees the most handsome man that she has ever laid eyes on. The young man smiles at her, and offers her the only thing he can: the flower that he holds in his hand. Anna knows that she has met her soulmate, and falls instantly in love. There is only one problem: Anna is German and Ilya, her blue-eyed soulmate, is a Russian prisoner. The only way that she can see him is if she finds an excuse to walk through the village fields where he works as a gardener under SS supervision. Anna will be exposed to the dark side of the war, and reality will prove itself to be too terrible for their young love to grow.