Title: The Big Game
Author: Alfio Caruso
Data: 2013, ebook
Publisher: VandA.ePublishing


“The Big Game” is a term that refers to the areas of politics and high finance that the Mafia desperately attempts to infiltrate. Set in Italy during the '90's, this novel revolves around the Mafia's desire to control international insurance companies, and therefore the Italian economy. Michele Taibi, a Sicilian financial expert, believes that Italians should tolerate Mafia-controlled Italian capitalism, while his enemy, Mion di Vallombrosa, disagrees. Amidst car chases, shoot-outs, murders, and passionate love scenes, an investigator is called in to solve the mysteries behind this network involving the Mafia, the State, and the Vatican. A breathtaking novel in which the reader is privy to private conversations between powerful Cardinals, entrepreneurs, and Mafia bosses in the intricate web that is The Big Game.