Title: The Remorseful
Author: Alfio Caruso
Data: 2013, ebook
Publisher: VandA.ePublishing


A novel of international intrigue in which a dark web of lies come together to form a frightening portrait of worldwide conspiracy. Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was assassinated just before exposing secret arms dealings with Iraq. An Italian journalist on his way to enjoy the beaches of the Black Sea is driven off the road as he crosses the Bulgarian border. At the New York City Marathon, an Italian banker, one of the runners, collapses after drinking a few sips from his water bottle. The third man on the hit list is Beppe Millepiedi, head of an advertising and marketing company. As the hunt for Beppe intensifies, we discover that the orchestrator of this brutal plan is none other than the Cosa Nostra boss, the untouchable godfather Gesualdo Bellomino. The Israeli Mossad steps in to fight "Doctor" Gesualdo, and hires an Italian former terrorist and world-class sharpshooter to take him down once and for all.