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Maria Giovanna Luini

Maria Giovanna Luini is a doctor and a writer.
For more than twenty five years she has worked as a breast surgeon at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan where she assisted Doctor Umberto Veronesi. As a master Reiki and energy operator she is completing her specialization with a course in psychosomatic psychotherapy at the Riza Institute. At the Center Metis in Milan and in the office Chiragarula in Crema she promotes the alliance between conventional, widely renown medical practices and newer, more experimental studies such as Reiki, energy, meditation and self-awareness methods.
Author of numerous books, she has published novels (La luce che brilla sui tetti, 2016) and essays (many of which were cosigned with Veronesi). In 2018, she published Il Grande Lucernario, followed by La Via della Cura (Mondadori).

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