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Vladimiro Polchi

Vladimiro Polchi is a journalist and writer. He covers politics and national news for La Repubblica newspaper, and contributes to Metropoli, its weekly cultural feature, and Il Venerdì, its weekly magazine. He edited the news programs Le Storie-Diario italiano and Enigma for RaiTre public television. He also co-wrote the play Aldo Moro: An Italian Tragedy (Aldo Moro, una tragedia italiana) with Corrado Augias, which was performed in Paris and Rome in 2005 and 2007, respectively. They also collaborated on writing: Blood and Power: The Trials of Julius Caesar, Tiberius, and Nero (Il sangue e il potere. Processo a Giulio Cesare, Tiberio e Nerone), published by Einaudi in 2008.

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