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    Alfio Caruso


A Blue Century: One Hundred Years of Italian History Told through the Soccer Finals

Author: Alfio Caruso

The crucial role of Italian political, social, and cultural developments told through a century of soccer. In 1925, Edoardo Agnelli told Mussolini that a soccer league for the children of Italian expatriates could be the first step for future political expansion. The Duce ensured that there would be an Italian-favoring referee directing the semi-final and final games of the 1934 World Cup. Italy’s second World Cup victory in 1938 paved the way for the infamous racial laws. Palmiro Togliatti, the head of the Italian Communist Party, used Hungary’s victory over Italy in 1953 to demonstrate the superiority of Communism. The Milanese team’s triumphs aided Berlusconi’s rise to power. The story of a sport inextricably tied to Italian history that has held the country together during its darkest moments.

Publisher: Longanesi
Publish Date: 2013
Page Count: 587, hardcover


Alfio Caruso (Catania, 1950) was one of the original founders of Il Giornale newspaper in 1974. In the '80's, he worked for the Corriere della Sera as Editor-in-Chief, and the Gazzetta dello Sport as Deputy Editor. He was appointed Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Messaggero newspaper in 1995, and the Editorial Director of the Nazione, the Resto del Carlino, and Il Giorno in 1996. Caruso is also an author of crime novels, and an essayist on Italian history and the Mafia.

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