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    Susanna Tamaro


A great love story

Author: Susanna Tamaro

They say opposites attract, but what happens when time is the enemy?

On a secluded island, amid the stunning beauty of the Mediterranean, a man in love finds himself alone, in the house he once shared with his beloved wife of many years. He can’t help but remember their first meeting, on the ferry from Venice to Piraeus, in Greece. He was the ship’s captain, she a transgressive young woman on vacation. A tiny moment that changed the course of their lives forever.  They did not fall in love immediately, but neither could they forget each other. What followed were years of clandestine nights together, a revelatory separation, passion, and unexpected happiness.

As he recalls the happiest years of his life, he tends to her garden and cares for her bees. The power and fury of nature, like the love they shared, help him heal. And he promises his wife that he will find their daughter Amy, because it is never too late to love.

A simple, yet explosive story that poses fundamental questions about the bonds people forge, our ability to change, and destiny. Most of all, it is a story about the heart, which stays silent when we forget how to listen to it.

Publisher: Solferino
Publish Date: 2020

Susanna Tamaro (Trieste, 1957) moved to Rome when she was 19 years old to attend the Experimental Center of Cinematography. After graduating with a degree in film direction, she worked on various television documentaries, and as an assistant to the esteemed Italian director Salvatore Samperi. In 1981, during a month-long stay in a small town on the Austrian-Hungarian border, she wrote her first novel Illmitz, which was refused by over 30 publishers. She was not published until 1989, and her debut novel, Head in the Clouds, won her the Elsa Morante Opera Prima Prize. In 1994, she wrote the bestselling novel Follow Your Heart, which became the most commercially successful Italian book of the century. It sold over 16 million copies in 40 countries, and was adapted into film by Cristina Comencini. She currently lives on a self-sufficient farm in the Umbrian countryside, where she produces honey. In addition to writing, gardening, and practicing martial arts, she devotes her time to various humanitarian projects that assist women and children. In 2000, she founded the Tamaro Foundation, which is funded by donations and her books.
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