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    Lorenzo Beccati



Author: Lorenzo Beccati

A breathtaking thriller for fans of Giorgio Faletti.
A bank is robbed in the center of Milan by an unsuspecting group of clients. The criminals then hand the cash to a man dressed in black, who waits silently to be arrested and brought to the station. Hours later, the police officers are found dead in the car; the man in black has disappeared in thin air.
Officer Davide Gantz is called to interrogate the witnesses and investigate the crime, but nobody knows anything and nothing they say makes sense anyway. Why would a well-to-do housewife, a financial trader and an elderly couple commit murder and grand larceny?
Gantz and his Moroccan assistant Rabiaa follow every trace possible, from the store fronts of Via Buenos Aires, La Scala, the Brera museum, to the Duomo. Little does he suspect that the  answer might very well like in a seventeenth century book by Franz Mesmer, the German doctor and patron of the arts who recorded his life’s work. The book was buried with Mesmer, on his request. The father of animal magnetism, better known as hypnosis, had discovered an extraordinary secret which, in the wrong hands, could do irreparable damage.

Publisher: Nord
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count: 379, hard cover


Lorenzo Beccati (Genoa, 1955) is an Italian author and screenwriter. He has contributed to many of Mediaset’s television shows, including Drive In, MegaSalviShow, Lupo solitario, Odiens, Paperissima, Paperissima sprint, Estatissima, and Striscia la notizia, where he performed the voice of Gabibbo, the station’s mascot.

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