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    Andrea Galli



Author: Andrea Galli

No one embodies this new era of crime like Julius Sinanaj. He was so extraordinarily adept at losing his trace, that the authorities didn’t even know they were looking for the deadliest assassin in Europe, according to Interpol, until he confessed.
Captured in Albania at the end of a manhunt in 2018, Sinanaj led a hermit’s existence, far from prying eyes. Not a single traffic ticket or arrest. And yet, the 36 year old Albanian who grew up in the slums of Elbasan and later immigrated illegally with his family to Greece where he learned the trade of explosive making from local anarchists, was a professional. Upon his return to Albania, he continued to kill, hired by criminals, politicians, common citizens, and the Russian Secret Services who not only paid him to execute but most likely taught him the trade and inspired his love of Dostoevskij, which he avidly reads in his isolation cell.

Publisher: Rizzoli
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 300

Andrea Galli writes for the crime section of Italy’s daily Corriere Della Sera.  
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