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    Chiara Giunta


I Play My Heart

Author: Chiara Giunta

Sofja Federovna’s unfaithful husband, Sergej, betrayed her with his long list of extramarital conquests. Will young, handsome, and irresistibly erotic Michail Suvarov mend her broken heart, and save her from a life of loneliness?
Beautiful and athletic Silvy Varda is a volleyball phenomenon, until Eros interrupts her destiny. The only way to win is by putting her heart into play.
Two young women’s parallel stories of love and betrayal.

Publisher: VandA.ePublishing
Publish Date: 2014
Page Count: ebook

Chiara Aurora Giunta, originally from Catania, lives and works in Milan. She has written romance novels, historical narratives, and nonfiction for young adults. Her novels include Partita d’Amore (1996, Mondadori), Il mio Amore ti salverà (2000, Mondadori), Imparerò ad amarti (2001, Mondatori), Aélis (2003, Neri Pozza), and Il velo di Agata(2008, Neri Pozza). Rumoroso Risorgimento (2005, Salani) is her children’s history book and a part of the Ugly Stories series. Carolina McCarrol is a pseudonym under which Chiara Aurora Giunta writes.
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