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    Simona Sparaco


If I Close my Eyes

Author: Simona Sparaco

If Viola has learned anything at all, it is how to remain invisible. Her clothes are one size too large, her shoulders are stooped, and her job is a far cry from the passion she once had for inventing stories on scraps of paper. Her husband is a good man, but, if truth be told she never really loved him, and now they have a daughter. Then one day, while she is developing photographs at the shop where she works, a man makes his way through the crowd. It is her father, a famous artist, tall and lanky, still handsome despite his age. There he is, many years older than the last time she saw him, begging her to accompany him on a road trip to his home town, in the middle of the Umbrian hills. He has something important to tell her. Despite her anger and resentment Viola is drawn to him like a bee to honey. She wants to trust him again, to understand why he abandoned her. She cannot refuse, and they depart, father and daughter, on a journey through snowy landscape, rich in Sibyl legend and ancient secrets. What Viola does not know is that it will be their last time together because her father is dying. During their trip, Viola’s father tells her his story, the incredible and heartbreaking source of his creativity.

Publisher: Giunti
Publish Date: 2014

Foreign Rights

(Michel Lafon)

Simona Sparaco lives in Rome, where she was born and raised. She wrote her first story when she was only 12 years old, studied screenwriting, and currently writes for Italian television. She is the author of three novels, all of which have been translated into various languages. Her novel Nobody Knows About Us was shortlisted for the prestigious Strega Prize. 
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