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    Carmen Pellegrino


If You Returned to Me Tonight

Author: Carmen Pellegrino

Giosué Pindari doesn’t easily open up. He is a stoic man, fiercely connected to his land, his family, and his political ideas. But as his wife’s health rapidly degenerates, Giosué turns not to God, but to Lulù, their estranged daughter. Letters in a bottle entrusted to the river’s current, because the river, with its sudden floods, somehow always reaches its destination.
In the faraway city where Lulù lives, in some inexplicable way, the current delivers the answers she seeks. Andreone, a man who lives in a river house and knows what it means to love and lose, will ulti- mately lead her to a form of reconciliation, not just with her father but with the woman who never loved her: her mother.
This poetic and lyrical novel tells the story of a father/daughter rela- tionship, and how an almost abysmal distance between two people can be bridged in the presence of love.

Publisher: Giunti
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count: paperback

Carmen Pellegrino (1977) is the author of the book Naples ’68: Student Protests and Social Conflict between Conservatism and Utopia. She has also published several essays and articles, including The Anchor of the Mediterranean, an article that reveals the exploitation and mistreatment of migrant workers for which she won the Napoli Monitor Investigative Reporting Award. She is the co-author of several anthologies, including Strangle Us All, and Ninety-Two. One of her monologues on Mauro Rostagno was performed at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples in 2011, as part of the The Art of Storytelling Festival. She edited the anthology No Country for Women: Stories of Incredible Normalcy, and is a contributor to the Southern Italian newspaper Il Mattino.
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