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    Lorenzo Beccati


The Resurrector

Author: Lorenzo Beccati

Giovanni Aldini, whose theatrical experiments inspired Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, is the subject of this engrossing historical novel. Tired of reanimating dead frogs and headless bodies, this macabre yet visionary scientist from Bologna, moved to London where the Royal College of Surgeons provided him with an abundance of cadavers fresh from the gallows.

George Foster would soon become one of London’s most talked-about dead men. Doctor Aldini attached probes to Fosters body and bowered up the battery for the crowd to watch as his jaw quivered, his facial muscles contorted and his left eye opened. Aldini’s mad ambition, immortalized by Shelley, blinded him to the ethical dilemmas behind his quest for immortality.

Publisher: Dea Planeta
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 220


Lorenzo Beccati (Genoa, 1955) is an Italian author and screenwriter. He has contributed to many of Mediaset’s television shows, including Drive In, MegaSalviShow, Lupo solitario, Odiens, Paperissima, Paperissima sprint, Estatissima, and Striscia la notizia, where he performed the voice of Gabibbo, the station’s mascot.

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