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    Dario Buzzolan


The truth

Author: Dario Buzzolan

A family novel about greed and mistrust, power and prejudice; characters we love to hate.

The sudden and vertiginous decline of Stella, a privately owned manufacturer of luxury watches, plunges its family members into a spiral of ungovernable chaos that release a snake’s den of unresolved tension and family secrets. When Ruggero Trovato, its sole president and father of two grown children, mysteriously disappears, his eldest son Pietro scrambles to fill his father’s shoes… and find a solution to the two million dollars that they owe in back taxes. On that very day, he vents his anger on a young girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meanwhile, Ruggero’s youngest son Nicola strives to be the first to inhabit Mars, while their mother Lucia fills her vacuous days by corresponding with a pen pal. A possible solution comes in the form of LiiebenKraft, a luxury multinational managed by professional vultures Tom and Amelia who are also secret lovers. But their plan to acquire the company below its value hits a roadblock when their financial analyst discovers budgetary flaws that threaten to embarrass them all. The turbid family decline is complicated when they are forced to reckon not only with their father’s secrets, but with a community of angry immigrants demanding justice; did Pietro really have to break the arm of an innocent black twelve-year-old?
How far will this horrible family go to save themselves?
Corruption, lies, greed, betrayal, violence, racism: all wrapped up in one little family, which clearly embodies the social malaise of our times.

Publisher: Mondadori
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 468

Born in Turin, Dario Buzzolan is a journalist and television author (Rai 3). His previous novels include: Non dimenticarti di respirare (2000), I nostri occhi sporchi di terra, finalist for the Strega Prize 2009, Se trovo il coraggio (2013), Malapianta (2016) and La vita degna (2018).  
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