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    Marco Bocci


It Never Rains in Tor Bella Monaca

Author: Marco Bocci

Are people born bad or are they made that way? Mauro Borri finds out the answer the hard way. Since his ex-girlfriend Samantha – as beautiful and sensual as any – left him for a doctor, Mauro can not find peace. He must find a way to redeem himself after a series of jobs with no prospects. He must find way out to allow himself to reclaim his life and meet his future head on. But among the barracks of Tor Bella Monaca, where Mauro was born and raised, always playing by the rules and waiting for the right opportunity, the future is an obstacle course and a real job feels like a mirage. So when his friends Fabio and Domenico get it into their heads to rob none other than the Chinese mafia, Mauro finds the temptation to get involved too strong to pass up. But to plan an action this dangerous is not a trivial matter. His brother Romulus is a former criminal who repented for years and fought for a second chance at life; he would know. But the Borri family, struggling with a defaulting tenant, and the many injustices of today’s Italy, do everything to remain united and not be sucked into criminal deeds. A cruel fate, however, prepares itself with Mauro’s and his companion’s last shot…
Ironic, blatant, and as grotesque as humanity, Bocci tells a story where the world never gives up an an act of love freely; a world of a harsh suburban that has become degraded, full of stories, anger, and life.

Publisher: Dea Planeta
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count: 219


Marco Bocci (born 4 August 1977) is an Italian actor. He appeared in more than twenty films since 2001.

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