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    Alfio Caruso


Italians You Must Die

Author: Alfio Caruso

The armistice signed on September 8th, 1943 between Italy and the Allies was meant to bring peace, but instead it prompted a brutal massacre. In the occupied Greek island of Kefalonia, the Germans turned against their former allies, slaughtering thousands of Italian soldiers. Many were killed in battle, but another 5,000 were executed, and 3,000 were taken prisoner, never to be seen again.

Publisher: TEA
Publish Date: 2012
Page Count: 309, paperback


Alfio Caruso (Catania, 1950) was one of the original founders of Il Giornale newspaper in 1974. In the '80's, he worked for the Corriere della Sera as Editor-in-Chief, and the Gazzetta dello Sport as Deputy Editor. He was appointed Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Messaggero newspaper in 1995, and the Editorial Director of the Nazione, the Resto del Carlino, and Il Giorno in 1996. Caruso is also an author of crime novels, and an essayist on Italian history and the Mafia.

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