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The Happiness of Others

“I was born in a house overrun with insistent, tattered ghosts from which there was no escape. At the time, we lived in the western part of a town where all the single story houses were the same. My brother and I hoped that other people’s homes were as haunted as ours . When I was ten years old, I was forced to leave the village. But the ghostsjustwouldn’t stay home.”

Cloe has learned to communicate with shadows. She listens, in search of a voice that will take her back to her calamitous origins, where, as a child, she sought the love of the woman who brought her into this world. Now a grown woman, whose past is marked by failure and unexpected change, Cloehas taken on a new identity in a new city. But she is still guided by the obsessive search for love and answers. Guided by voices, memories and elusive characters, guardians of her ten year old self, like her lost baby brother, Professor T, Madame, and The General, she harbors the eternal hope of finding truth beyond the ruins. And redemption for a burden that was never hers to bare.

Publish Date: 2021
Page Count: 160