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    Mattia Bertoldi


Little Memories

Author: Mattia Bertoldi

Manlio is a “memory jogger”; he helps his patients regain their memories. He also loves to tell them a story from his own past about Bianca, the love of his life who tragically disappeared only a few months before their wedding. But it doesn’t matter how many times he repeats it  because his audience will soon forget, and Manlio will once again sink into melancholy.
Every day is the same for Manlio, until he meets Camilla, a young patient who has lost her memory following an aneurism. She is independent, stubborn, strong and accepts his help on one condition: if he agrees to forget his ex. A fragile and passionate love blossoms between this broken-hearted man and a woman who must be reminded daily of who she is and who she loves. Just as both of their lives seem to be getting back on track, one day, out of the blue, Blanca reappears, and Manlio must make a decision about what is real and what isn’t.

Publisher: 360°/MauriSpagnol
Publish Date: 2019


Mattia Bertoldi (1986) was born in Lugano, where he works as a journalist for the Corriere del Ticino. In his free time, he works at a small movie theater in his town, and plays piano. He speaks Italian, French and German.

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