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    Simona Sparaco



Author: Simona Sparaco

Solidea is only eight years old when she meets Edoardo, a cocky, intriguing, and self-assured adolescent. She may be just a little girl in pigtails, but she is sure that Edoardo is her soulmate. At that point in their lives, however, the age difference between them is too great. 15 years later, after a disastrous relationship, all Solidea has to do is type Edoardo’s name into Facebook to find him. But destiny cannot be rushed. Even in the fast-paced Facebook era, love is still agonizing and intense.

Publisher: Newton Compton
Publish Date: 2011
Page Count: 235, paperback

Simona Sparaco lives in Rome, where she was born and raised. She wrote her first story when she was only 12 years old, studied screenwriting, and currently writes for Italian television. She is the author of three novels, all of which have been translated into various languages. Her novel Nobody Knows About Us was shortlisted for the prestigious Strega Prize. 
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