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    Mattia Signorini



Author: Mattia Signorini

Ettore returns to his hometown to sell his childhood home a year after a tragic car accident claimed the lives of his parents; but his visit is more emotional than he had anticipated. Emptying his parents’ house forces him to confront the argument that ruined his relationship with his father. His reunion with his first love and high-school friends makes him challenge his current values, and long for the simplicity of the past. But the encounter that affects him most is an unexpected meeting with Crazy Ester, the town recluse who spends all of her time sitting along the riverbank. During his challenging and emotional visit, Ettore unearths a family secret and finds his true love.

Publisher: Marsilio
Publish Date: 2013
Page Count: 221, hardcover

Mattia Signorini (Rovigo, 1980) holds a degree in communications from the University of Padua. After graduation, he worked odd jobs while writing his first novel, Far Away From It All. He proved himself as one of the most promising voices in Italian literature with his second novel, The Symphony of Brief Moments, which won the Tropea prize and was translated into four languages. His novel, Now, was published in 2013 and has been nominated for the Fiesole Prize. After working for years as an editor in Milan, he opened a creative writing school, the Palomar School, in his hometown, Rovigo.
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