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    Alfio Caruso


Private Affairs

Author: Alfio Caruso

Marcello Provvedini is a respectable, retired, Christian Democratic politician leading a secluded life. One day, he runs into a former co-worker who had been part of his election committee 20 years ago, in the midst of Italy’s tumultuous years of political terrorism. After this chance encounter, his life takes a nightmarish turn. He is lured to a country house and kidnapped because of events that took place two decades ago, when a cell of terrorists was uncovered and ambushed by the secret services, resulting in the deaths of two men. Provvedini’s kidnapping releases a wave of violence. Betrayal, State secrets, and suspicion that wreaks havoc in this compelling thriller.

Publisher: VandA.ePublishing
Publish Date: 2013
Page Count: ebook


Alfio Caruso (Catania, 1950) was one of the original founders of Il Giornale newspaper in 1974. In the '80's, he worked for the Corriere della Sera as Editor-in-Chief, and the Gazzetta dello Sport as Deputy Editor. He was appointed Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Messaggero newspaper in 1995, and the Editorial Director of the Nazione, the Resto del Carlino, and Il Giorno in 1996. Caruso is also an author of crime novels, and an essayist on Italian history and the Mafia.

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