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    Giulia Blasi


Revolution Z

Author: Giulia Blasi

For Generation Z (those born between 1995 -2010) feminism is an archaic contraption like a Nokia phone. Is it still useful? After her bestselling Manual for Revolutionary Girls, for readers of all ages, Giulia Blasi addresses teenagers who want to clarify their ideas on complicated and intimate issues ranging from equal (or unequal) relationships, communication, to gender identity. She dispels all doubt that patriarchy has far from disappeared from our society (why don’t we aim to eliminate it by 2030, like plastics from the sea?) and that feminism is now, more than ever, an important, effective, and enlightening movement.

Understanding the struggle of those who fought for progress prepares us all for the challenges of this exhausting rite of passage to adulthood in which parents, relatives and teachers often end up criticizing rather than instructing.  This new book aims to open dialogue and offer valuable insights into the traps and prejudices of generational ideas on: identity, the use and misuse of social media, the imperative of beauty, toxic relationships.  The truth is that feminism is revolutionary, and it is up to today’s teenagers to fight it.

Publisher: Rizzoli
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 320

Giulia Blasi is originally from Friuli, but Roman in spirit. In 2017, she concocted and launched #quellavoltache, the anti-harassment initiative which preceded the #metoo movement. She published Se Basta Un Fiore (Piemme, 2017), Nudo d’Uomo con Calzino (Einaudi Stile Libero, 2009), Il Mondo Prima Che Arrivassi tu e Siamo Ancora Tutti Civi (Mondadori 2010 and 2013). Her first essay, Manuele Per Ragazze Rivoluzionarie (Rizzoli, 2018), incites the younger female generation to join the feminist revolution. She is currently working as a director and an author on radio and television programs, such as Hashtag Radio .
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