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    Vittorio Longhi


The color of my name

Author: Vittorio Longhi

The search for a missing father leads to shocking revelations about the author’s mixed-race identity, which is rooted in Italy’s dark colonial history. It is both a journey into the story of an Italian-Eritrean family and an actual present-day journey from Europe to Africa. In the background, is today’s mass migration from Africa to Europe with stories of unexpected racism and violence. The revelation of Europe’s dreadful colonial history and the suffering of new immigrants from Africa raise an urgent need for African-European awareness and commitment.

Publisher: Solferino
Publish Date: 2021

Vittorio Longhi is an Italian journalist of Eritrean origin. His writing has been published across a range of print and online media, including UK's the Guardian, the International New York Times, and Italy's La Repubblica. He is the author of The Immigrant War: A Global Movement Against Discrimination and Exploitation (2012, Policy Press). He trains journalists from developing countries on behalf of the UN. He holds a degree in Economic Sociology and a Masters in Society and the New Media. Among other things, he created the event “Afropean Bridges”, an international workshop at the University of Venice aimed to debate about African-European identity, representation, and opportunities.   
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