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    Silvio Muccino


The Last Beautiful Loser

Author: Silvio Muccino

Every high school has its cool kids, its bullies, its freaks and its outcasts. Alex, Rodolfo, Eva, Torquemada and Melzi were the losers. But they were together and, as everyone knows, strength lies in numbers, especially during adolescence, when feeling different brings shame. To everyone else, they were “aliens”, but to one another, they were beautiful. Their friendship was that fragile, safe space, to shine free and proud, each in a unique way. Until it all crashed.
Life has a way of separating even the best of friends and lovers. And growing up leads to an endless list of responsibilities that can lead an orphaned alien to live an unhappy lie. After fifteen years of silence,  Alex now wants to see the people who counted most for him, before he up and left them. Life, as he knows it, will soon cease to exist.
A big chill in the Tuscan countryside, where he and the losers spent their teenage summers together. Rodolfo is astonished, Melzi excited, Eva and Torquedo both delighted and terrified, for different reasons. They are all curious, since Alex’s enigmatic letter doesn’t explain what is about to happen to him. Then again, Alex has always been the last beautiful loser.
For Eva, he was her great love; for Rodolfo, the rival who stole his girlfriend and then gave her back, damaged, an ever-present shadow in their marriage. For Melzi, who is as fat as a cow and as loving as a Labrador, Alex was everything, his idol. Torquemada, on the other hand, was too rational to ever truly understand Alex, but loved him all the same with a mixture of admiration and cynicism. None of them ever really moved on after their friendship dissolved like salt in water. It is as though the impact with the cold world was just too much to process after the amplified symbiosis of their time together.
They all decide to accept the invitation. After all, who doesn’t crave a few days away? But when the door opens they are shocked by what they see. And it is just the beginning of a weekend of revelation and confession, laughter and tears. By Monday morning, nothing will ever be the same.

Publisher: La nave di Teseo
Publish Date: 2018

Silvio Muccino (1982) is a writer, an actor, and film director (Talk to Me About Love). He made his acting debut in 1999.
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