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    Mattia Bertoldi


The Lovely Things I Wish to Remember

Author: Mattia Bertoldi

Zoe is 5 years old when half her world clouds over and cancer turns her left eye into a blind pearl. Zoe’s father Danilo is willing to do anything for his beloved “Captain Zeudi”, to make her feel special and loved. But children can be cruel about that sort of thing. Very cruel. If it were not for Chopin, Prokofiev and Debussy, her life would be one of silence.
Zoe is now 21 years old and motherless. Coming home from the conservatory, where she now studies, she finds the village she grew up in is unchanged. But not her father. Without his beloved wife, he is lost, mute, numb to the world. Although he would never admit it, her father needs her. She must step up to the plate for the most important man in her life. Zoe decides to shoot a short film with the crazy villagers who were so much part of her childhood. A silent film with music that will break through his sadness and communicate in a way that words fail. Zoe’s efforts cause her father to confess a secret that has weighed him down for decades. A story of love between a father and a daughter, a celebration of human uniqueness.

Publisher: TEA/tre60
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 250


Mattia Bertoldi (1986) was born in Lugano, where he works as a journalist for the Corriere del Ticino. In his free time, he works at a small movie theater in his town, and plays piano. He speaks Italian, French and German.

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